What Is Telegram Bot? [Free Bots]

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Telegram bot are also accounts but with the difference that they’re operated by software, not by people. Telegram bots often have artificial intelligence features that enable them to operate on their own. Bots can be useful for a variety of tasks including searching, sending messages, scheduling events, sending newsletters, providing statistics and so on.What can you use bots for?Well several things as explained above, will be made easy with the help of bots. Imagine you own a Telegram business channel, you can use bots to send auto-replies to your customers and provide 7/24 customer support, schedule publications, present statistics, set up polls and format your posts. There are many things bots could do for you, read on to find out about some of the best use of Telegram bots:Receive notifications and newsYou can use Telegram bots to get news and content relevant to your channel, as soon as they’re published.Get content from other servicesSeveral Telegram bots such as Gmail Bot, GIF bot, IMDB bot, Wiki bot, Music bot, Youtube bot and GitHub bot, can help you produce creative content by integrating content from all over the web to Telegram.Get payments from your customersTelegram bots such as the Demo ShopBot can help you receive payments from your customers in exchange for services.Telegram bots can help you create custom toolsVote Bot helps you create polls and lets your members use emojis for voting. Sticker Bot helps you create custom stickers for your channel and Telegram bot add member. And some other help you get alerts, weather forecast, translations and other services such as the Markdown Bot and the Like Bot.Single and multiplayer gamesFrom simple puzzles to 3D-Shooter and strategy games, Telegram bots like the GameBot and Gamee can offer you a reach gaming experience.Social servicesWhat are some of the best bots to use for business:Eddy travels this bot is a must for travelers; it helps them find the best accommodation and ticket deals by defining their destination.Just type “take me anywhere and find your options. This bot can be a great asset if you’re active in the tourism industry.SkeddyThis bot is great for people who tend to forget things. This bot acts as a reminder; just type something like “post a photo at 10 P.M” and it will remind you to do so.Asos helper botYou can use this bot to compare prices in Asos’ database considering your currency and country of residence.This bot is a great help for businesses to provide customers with different price and quality options and help them make a decision.Telegram Vote botTelegram vote botThis bots helps create polls and competitions with different options in your channels.Polls are vital to a Telegram channel’s success and bring many opportunities with themselves.Yandex botThis bot acts as a translator and allows you to chat with people in different languages.You’re going to introduce your products worldwide, so it’s only normal that you will have customers with different languages.This bot will be of enormous help to you when communicating with your customers and building a close relationship with them.Zoom botZoom is an online video-conference software that has become very popular during the on-going pandemic.Create Telegram bot helps you invite your co-workers to a video conference in your chat groups.Inline botsYou can use inline bots in any group or channel without even adding them as members.To use inline bots, you need to type the keyword and the bot will do as you wish:@gif is popular for finding gifs. It sends gifs.@vid can be used to get videos from YouTube.@pic and @bing can help you find relevant images to your topic.@wiki will send a relevant article to your topic for you.@imdb will send you a link to the film you were searching for.This Telegram bot helps you find music and share lyrics and mp3 with your friends.If you have a channel about music, this will be a great help for you to find relevant music and lyrics to upload on your channel: @LittleGuardianBotAdd member to Telegram bot can protects you from malware-ridden or inappropriate content.This Telegram bot guarantees you won’t get spam or dangerous files. This will be very helpful to protect your members from malware, viruses and inappropriate content: @MetricsBotGoogle Analytics is the most reliable tool for finding about the statistics and ranking of your website and the relevance of your content strategy.With the help of @MetricsBot, you can use it directly in Telegram.It will be great to find out which content serves its purpose and which is not needed and also to get reliable data about your channel.Telegram bots worksHow do Telegram bots work?Telegram bots don’t require a phone number.You could interact with Telegram bots in the following ways:Open a chat with a bot or add them to your group and send commands and messages to them.Send requests directly from your chat or group to the Telegram bot by typing @botname and the command you want it to do for you.How can you create a Telegram bot?For creating bot, you need to get help from a bot! you need to ask the holy @BotFather to help you with that:Type the command /newbot. The @BotFather will ask you for a name and username. After typing in your name and username, you will receive an authorization token.You will see the name of your Telegram bot in contact details.Your username must be a short one. Try to use 5-32 characters and don’t forget it must end with a bot. you are free to use numbers, Latin characters and underscores in your username.Keep your authorization token safe! Your token is the way to authorize your Telegram bot and send requests to API. Anyone who gets your token can control your Telegram bot.If you lost your token for any reason, you can use the /token command to add bot to Telegram messenger.What’s the different between Telegram bots and normal account?Some people freak out when they hear the name “bot”! It’s as if their accounts are going to get hacked, and some conspiracy theorists are suggesting that you need to immediately leave any group or channel if there’s a bot in it.Bots are different from humans in several ways but there’s no need to chicken out when seeing one:Contrary to human accounts, bots have no last seen or online status. You will see the name “bot” where you normally see last seen recently.Bots have limited cloud storage; you will not find the messages you’ve sent to a bot from the beginning of time. Older messages get deleted after an amount of time.Telegram bots won’t start conversations with you. for starting a conversation with a Telegram bot, you need to send a message first or you can add them to a group.Telegram bots have usernames that end in “bot”, like @TriviaBot, @VoteBot, @YandexBot, etc.bots for Telegram channelUse bots for your Telegram channelScheduling posts, obtaining statistics and voting with emojis, they’re all possible thanks to the @ControllerBot.With the help of @BotFather, you benefit from auto-replies, information for your customers and different suggestions. This way you can benefit from 7/24 customer support using Telegram bots.@livegrambot is lifesaver. It responds to questions from your members, presents statistics (data traffic, polls participation, member loss, etc.) and provide newsletters! What else could you wish for?With the help of Telegram’s bot, you could transfer content from all over the web including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to your channel. @chatomreaderBot transfers content to your channel in the form of instant view.Telegram bots help you realize where you stand in comparison to your rivals; @TGStat_Bot gathers statistics from your channel and compares them with that of your competitors.You can add Telegram bots like @vote, @like and @emoji directly to your channel to set up polls, add emojis to polls and lots of other things.ConclusionTelegram is a very popular app with lots of useful tools to help grow your business.Telegram bots, unless popular belief, are pretty useful software that could mean a very big deal to your channel and your business.Bots are just like normal accounts with the difference that they don’t require phone numbers.You can create bots by yourself and start using it in Telegram.For buy Telegram members check the shop page.If you need help in regards to using bots or creating bots you can contact us anytime.Using Telegram bots in your channel will help a lot and make your channel and brand more attractive.You can create stickers for your channel and brand with bots and have them reply to your customers while you’re asleep.Telegram bots will do anything for you for free without complaining and nagging.But don’t expect them to add bot to Telegram group for you, they’re terrible at cooking.

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